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CamFind – Visual Search Engine for everyone. Now download camfind visual search engine apk on your android mobile and be redy to use.Now all people are using net and regular they search many thing on the internet. by thiking about this CamFind – Visual Search Engine has come forward you. this is a effective search engine apk for your android mobile. it will reduce your wasting time. so why late start downloading CamFind – Visual Search Engine and enjoy the apps.

Download CamFind – Visual Search Engine apk on Android Mobile.

Now You can download the last CamFind – Visual Search Engine apk, and its not hard too. by our download process you can easily download CamFind – Visual Search Engine apk. we have collected all the information about camfind apk. this is really an effective and essential apk who love to use internets. so why late , just click on the download link and use this apk.

We have collected the most important information about this search engine apk. with this apk, you can do so much. so i am giving you a short description of this apk. Now I am telling you., How CamFind work? How to download camfind? and How to use?

How camfind work?

can find based on your thinking. when you think to search at online, just go to this apk and say what you want to search for. this apk will show you the result in a second. and you are ready to get your information.

Search the physical world. Camfind, the world’s first successful mobile visual search engine, allows you to search for anything from your mobile phone just by taking a picture. CamFind has already gained much success on iOS with over 3 million downloads.

Forget about typing queries into your browser to get information, instead use CamFind to take a picture and learn! this apk giving you an interface like a google you will feel free when you use this apk. i strongly suggest you for downloading this apk, Useful, informative, and lots of fun! My test photo was of my black cat, and one of the results was a fascinating article on black cats! Since then, I’ve been having fun photographing stuff (my hobby, btw) and reading (another thing I enjoy doing)! This app is definitely a keeper! As a vendor, I’m in a lot of stores and am often asked for info on products (by customers who mistake me for a store employee). I can see this app being very useful in those situations.

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FEATURES about Camfind visual search engine

* Internet Search Results
* Related/Similar Images
* Price Comparisons and Online Shopping
* Related Places and Address Finder
* Film Poster/DVD Recognition
* Instant sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Email, and Text

* Ability to upload and save images to or from Camera Roll
* QR and Barcode Scanner
* Language Translator
* Voice Search
* Text Search
* VoiceOver compatible
* And much more…

Download CamFind now to experience a mobile search like never before.

* TechCrunch
* VentureBeat
* 9to5Mac
* Cult of Mac
* Life Hack
* Life Hacker
* iPhone Life Magazine
* Examiner
* Metro
* And many more…

CamFind Inc. is a Los Angeles-based tech company that specializes in image recognition and mobile visual search. Its mission is to deliver the most superior mobile visual search solution to people around the world, and to become the global leader in image recognition and mobile visual search .

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