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Kung Fu Pets Mod APK for those who want to play mod version. Download Kung Fu Pets Mod APK and play online. Kung Fu Pets apk is the best trending game now. so who love playing Kung Fu Pets APK just click on the download link and start playing. Telling you How to play kung-fu pets online, Download kung fu pets, mod kung fu pets, and much more about pets latest version. current version, apk all version.

Download Kung Fu pets for Android/computer/PC

if you want to download kung fu pets apk for android then you are the best place. so now i am telling you how to download kung fu pets apk and how to download mod version of kung fu pets apk , and much more about this. For downloading Kung fu pets click on the download link which already provided so click on the download link. Here is also google play link for direct install. Most of the android simulation game lover already played, so why late click on the google play link. About 5,000,000 – 10,000,000 installed this game to their android mobile. The current version of kung fu pet is 1.3.7

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Play Kung Fu Pets Games at Android/computer/ PC

for Playing kung fu pets games you need to follow my direction. now i am giving you guideline how to play Kung fu pets. Kung fu is a chines marsal arts and pet means domestic animal. so kung fu pets mean train marsal art to domastic animal. By this simulation game a kung fu lover can feel the real marsal arts of pets. Legends rebons has published this game for simulation game lover. This game is really a nice colorful game.First of all, discover a New Kung fu pets world then collect breed and battle with legendary pets.New pond of soul unload soul stones for exclusive rewords.

Kung Fu pets game Details Mod version and Universe Dragon

Discover the mystical new world of Kung Fu Pets! This game would be a lot better if we could battle with our friends and get rewards if we win. ( 10,00 food )and (lots of gems), ( money)Just wanna ask. If the facebook function is deleted how can i hire a friend for my cafe of secrets? Also, I have once searched for the game on Facebook but it seems this game is not there on Facebook. So how? I always wanted to open that Cafe of Secrets. Can you please help me with this?This Is my favorite game ever but sometimes when I go to my friends place it says, unfortunately, kung fu pets has stopped and other than that it should have a version 2 apk too. much more people are searching for the kung fu
.Com2us why is it so hard to add people?! Also why does events take so much time to be held? In summoner wars, events were held every month. Pls improve this game.It is a nice as I saw my friend playing it but when I downloaded it it won’t load . It always says that unfortunately this have stooped and many others I saw in the comments have the same problem.This game are cool and i like how you can summon a random animal plus all of them are adorable. Thank you for this game!!!I love kung fu pets but you deleted me when you changed the Facebook login and I had to start again.
Train your pets to become the ultimate Kung Fu masters and battle against your friends!

Welcome to Xiaolin Village, where the inhabitants practice Kung Fu day and night to become legendary Kung Fu Masters!
Summon new apk hrough unique combinations and fight battles against friends to dominate the Kung Fu Tournament!
Fight against the evil forces to bring peace and harmony back to Xiaolin in pets app

Pets is available in 9 different languages so enjoy this game in your own language.

Android OS 4.0.3 and up is required starting with v1.3.6.

Kung Fu pets game Features for android simulation game lover

1. COLLECT unique Kung Fu Pets through tons of combinations!
Mix and match different elements types to summon new pets!
Complete the Hall of Fame by collecting all of the Kung Fu Pets and get extra rewards!

2. RAISE your  from adorable babies into Kung Fu masters!
Train and feed your Kung Fu sPets with gourmet meals to help them evolve through 3 stages!
Level up your Pets so they can unlock new skills and dominate the Kung Fu Arena!

3. FIGHT in strategic battles according to element types and strengths!
Create a team and challenge other Kung Fu Masters in the arena!

4. BUILD a mystical village in the sky!
Expand your epic base and decorate with hundreds of items!
Create habitats and special training areas so your apk feel at home!

5. CONNECT with your friends!
Share gifts and battle players around the world!

• Items are available for purchase in this game. Some paid items may not be refundable depending on the type of item.

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