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LogDog Identity Protection & Mobile Security APK for those android user who love to the sequring android phone. Now install or download LogDog Identity Protection & Mobile Security APK at smartphone and protect your phone. here is much more news about hacking, programming, tech news and much more and all are free. so you should download LogDog Identity Protection & Mobile Security APK  for your android mobile. Now i am giving you a short description and reviews of the user about this log dog identity apk.

 Download LogDog Identity Protection & Mobile Security APK 

Do you want to download logdog identity protection and mobile security apk, then you are the perfect place. Now you can download this identity protection and mobile security apk on the Android mobile and secure your access to all account. by this apk, it has become so much easy. when you will download it on your android mobile, you will get relief from the tension of protecting your mobile. so download this LogDog Identity Protection & Mobile Security APK  and stay free from hackers. you can check this apk hacker simulation for knowing how a hacker things and what are they doing for hack a software

Package Name: com.logdog.websecurity [Play Store]
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USE LogDog Identity Protection & Mobile Security APK

when you have downloaded LogDog Identity Protection & Mobile Security APK then you are ready to using this apk. in this section we are discussing how to use and feature about logdog apk. Nowadays in every time people are using google, gmail, facebook and another secure account on the mobile and computer too. when you will use it on your android mobile you can easily access on your accont but it will protect you being hacked. Here is antivirus section too.Protect & Secure your Gmail,Facebook and other online accounts with LogDog’s #1 protection from hackers app.

1 in every 4 accounts gets hacked

Antivirus doesn’t protect you from online hacking –
Make sure you have the best online security for your Gmail, Facebook, Dropbox and other online accounts, and protect your private information from hacker intrusion, and Identify theft.
Over 40,000 online identity thefts occur every day!
Cyber Security Agent
LogDog is a next-generation mobile security solution which will assure cloud security of your online accounts. Similar to an antivirus app, LogDog constantly protects your online accounts and makes your cloud storage safer to use. Let LogDog worry about account intrusion and identity theft – Now to play farm heroes saga apk

Defend yourself from any Facebook Hacker, Gmail Hacker or Email password hacker
LogDog is like an internet Antivirus or a virus detector for your online accounts – an intrusion detection security service to protect your privacy and increase your id protection. The app scans for any suspicious activity and once it detects anything unusual, you will get an immediate alert so you can protect your photos, emails and social networks. .Password keeper, virus removal or any other phone security app wouldn’t protect your online accounts from malicious attacks. You can always change your login and/or passwords, but LogDog is your virtual guard dog, constantly sniffing your online accounts and barking when it smells something is wrong!

Protecting only Gmail or Facebook isn’t enough – LogDog’s unique algorithm cross-references to make sure suspicious activities don’t go under the radar. why not playing

Don’t Get Hacked – Get LogDog!
Providing online internet protection on your phone accounts, LogDog allows you to get peace of mind from security issues caused by online hackers. LogDog is so much more than your usual password manager or spyware removal software, it provides you with true internet security, so you can focus on what matters. Protecting your online social accounts is a crucial part of modern cybersecurity

LogDog Identity Protection and security protection for these online accounts:

✔Facebook Privacy – Facebook hacks are increasingly common these days!
✔Dropbox Security – Keep all your Dropbox files safe and private
✔Gmail Protection – Secure your email from any Gmail Hacker!
✔Evernote Privacy – Your Evernote agenda needs protection against intruders too
✔Twitter protection – Maintain your tweets and thoughts and avoiding embarrassing incidents
✔LinkedIn: Keep your professional identity private
✔Slack Account Protection: Secure the way you collaborate with your team
Passwords Security, Inbox and Credit Cards Protection
Strong passwords are not enough anymore!

Withth this apk box Detective – LogDog can now scan your emails and find all the threats that contain passwords, SSN and bank accounts information, phishing links and other malicious emails. LogDog can help you delete those emails and notify the other party to do same and protect itself from a credit card or password security breach.

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Card Protector – Credit Fraud & Identity Theft Protection .
These days, online credit card scams are increasingly frequent. In fact, there is a good chance that your credit card details are being sold to the highest bidder in an online black market right now. Our new credit card protector module scans online black markets every day to make sure that your credit card information is not being sold on the black market. You don’t even need to enter your Credit Card number, our proprietary algorithm only needs your Full name and Zipcode. Logdog provides 360 security for your online accounts and makes sure you’re better protected.
Featured on Techcrunch & Lifehacker!

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Thanks for coming here downloading identity protection apk on your android mobile for gmail, facebok twitter, google plus and all online account. Please share this apk with your freinds and if you want you can bookmark this site for future access.

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